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Are you looking for the best addiction treatment in the U.S.? Searching for an addiction treatment center can feel overwhelming and confusing, especially it this is your first time seeking treatment. There are a number of different types of treatment including medical detox, inpatient residential treatment, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient. Figuring out which type of treatment is appropriate for you, and then determining which treatment provider is the best choice, can be a hard task. You are encouraged to reach out to Guardian Recovery at any time to ask questions. Our admissions staff have a vast amount of knowledge and experience. They can help guide you every step of the way. You can contact them here. Or, you can keep reading. We put together this helpful guide to help you with your search for the best addiction treatment in the U.S.

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Questions to Ask When Seeking Addiction Treatment

No matter where in the U.S. you are looking to go to treatment, there are some definite questions you’ll want to ask and consider before choosing the treatment program right for you or your loved one.

Questions to consider when seeking the best addiction treatment in the U.S.

  • What are the treatment center’s clinical and medical standards?
  • Does the treatment center offer medication assisted treatment?
  • What is the facility like? Is it comfortable and homestyle?
  • What is the professionalism of staff?
  • What is the client-to-staff ratio?
  • Does the addiction treatment center offer therapy — individual, family and group?
  • What types of therapeutic methods does the center use? For example, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (EMDR), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) or other trauma therapy techniques?
  • Does the treatment center teach the 12-steps?
  • Does the treatment center have options for family involvement?
  • Does the treatment center individualize their treatment plans?
  • Does the treatment center options for an ongoing continuum of care?
  • Does the treatment center help arrange the next steps following detox?
  • Does the treatment center offer gender-specific or demographic-specific groups?
  • What are the treatment center’s professional accreditations and licenses?
  • Does the treatment center have a clear set of ethical standards?
  • Does the treatment center have a variety of insurance and/or private-pay options?

Types of Addiction Treatment

At Guardian Recovery we have multiple levels of care including medical detox, residential inpatient, partial hospitalization (PHP) and intensive outpatient (IOP). We understand this terminology can be new and confusing. Here are some brief descriptions of what each level of care entails:

  1. Medical Detox — This phase of recovery is the first vital step to getting on the road to recovery. If an individual has been abusing drugs or alcohol for any length of time, their body has become accustomed to operating with the substance . When this substance is suddenly yanked from the central nervous system, individuals experience a range of withdrawal symptoms that can be very uncomfortable, and even life-threatening, if not treated properly. Our medical detox offers 24/7 medical supervision, medication assisted treatment, therapy, holistic treatments (such as yoga, meditation and acupuncture), case management and aftercare planning. After an individual is physically stabilized (which can take anywhere between 3 to 14 days), we help them transfer into the next appropriate level of care to continue their journey of recovery.
  2. Residential Inpatient Treatment — Residential inpatient treatment is a form of treatment where young adults come to live in a residential treatment setting for approximately 30 to 90 days, depending on the severity of their addiction. This part of treatment involves a wide range of individual, family and group therapies, educational workshops, life-skills training, 12-step meetings and holistic treatment methods. At Guardian Recovery we also help individuals begin work in the 12 steps of recovery.
  3. Partial Hospitalization (PHP) — This term sounds scary, but we promise you it’s not. This level of care really means an individual spends part of their time in a treatment setting — attending therapy, workshops, etc. — and the other part of their time living in a beautiful sober-living home with a supportive community of individuals also new to recovery.
  4. Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) — This form of treatment is generally seen as the logical transition for individuals as they begin to be in the world again. Individuals can attend work or school while attending groups a few times a week and either living at home or in a sober living home. This form of treatment is typically entered after a medical detox or inpatient stay. However, for some individuals IOP may be an adequate stand-alone treatment option.

Which level of treatment to seek is sometimes a difficult question to answer. The answer depends on the severity of an individual’s addiction, their current life circumstances and what insurance coverage they may or may not have. Guardian Recovery’s compassionate and empathetic admissions staff are here to help answer all your questions and help you determine what path is right for you or your loved one. Contact us today.

About Our Treatment Facilities

Immersion Recovery Center

Immersion Recovery Center is a 12-step centered treatment center located in the heart of beautiful Delray Beach, FL. Immersion Recovery relies on the time-tested tenets of Alcoholics Anonymous’ Big Book® program. We take a pragmatic, daily approach to helping guests integrate the 12-step guidelines into their lives while participating in a sophisticated program of clinically dynamic therapies and complementary modalities. This “fusion concept” is a breath of fresh air for individuals who have struggled to achieve recovery in more conventional programs. As you enter our intensive South Florida residential or outpatient programs, you will launch a recovery journey that provides life-saving hope and helps you unravel deep-seated addiction issues. Through it all, you’ll partner with our compassionate care team while learning to honor yourself, build essential life skills, and create a vision for your thriving, sober life.

The services offered by Immersion Recovery Center include:

  • A low client-to-staff ratio
  • A well-appointed, homestyle retreat facility
  • A range of therapeutic services
  • A number of amenities including private and semi-private bedrooms, comfortable common areas, and nutritious, chef-prepared meals
  • An environment conducive to comprehensive healing

In addition to full immersion in the 12-step model of addiction recovery, our program focuses on a range of proven therapeutic techniques. We offer individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy, as well as a comprehensive Family Workshop. Our program of recovery can be broken down into three main phases, which we refer to as The Immersion Experience. These phases are:

  • Phase 1:  Medical detox and residential treatment.
  • Phase 2: Partial hospitalization (PHP).
  • Phase 3: Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP), sober living and aftercare.

Our phased approach has been proven to produce the best possible outcomes of long term recovery. We offer medical detox as a stand-alone treatment option, as well as 28-day programs. We believe that any treatment we can provide is going to make a lasting impact on our clients and their path to recovery. To learn more, contact us today.

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Pine Tree Recovery Center 

Pine Tree Recovery Center has quickly become the state’s premier drug and alcohol detox center, located in the heart of Portland, Maine. This branch of the Guardian Recovery community opened its doors in 2018 in response to the rising rates of substance abuse and dependence throughout the state. Our approach to medical detox not only rids the body of toxic, addictive substances but does so while prioritizing client safety and comfort. Pine Tree Recovery Center offers a range of specialized detox services, medical technologies and expertise that help our clients safely begin on the road to recovery. We treat symptoms associated with withdrawal from alcohol, opioids, benzodiazepines, stimulant drugs and more while providing comprehensive addiction services including crisis intervention, case management, psychiatric assessments, physical evaluations, medication management services and aftercare planning. We believe that medically monitored detox should focus on more than physical stabilization. We prepare each of our clients for the next appropriate level of clinical care while introducing them to therapeutic recovery. We offer the following services and amenities as part of our comprehensive detox program:

  • A low client-to-staff ratio
  • Therapeutic services, including individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy
  • Rehab placement services
  • A combination of evidence-based detox methods, including tapering, Medication Assisted Treatment and intensive psychotherapy
  • A nationally accredited detox program that consistently holds itself to the highest possible standards
  • A range of homestyle retreat amenities including a fully stocked kitchen, private and semi-private bedrooms and well-appointed common areas

We have received positive reviews from our past guests. Natalie M. wrote:

“I’ve been all over the country and have experienced more types of detox and treatment facilities than I’d like to admit. Without a doubt, Pine Tree is the pinnacle of all facilities. Dr Tim, the head physician, is the most skilled, knowledgeable, compassionate and professional addiction specialist I’ve ever met. From a physical perspective, it was an incredibly smooth detox including a very slow taper that helped avoid that second crash that I’ve experienced in other medical detoxes. He also was incredibly patient and helpful in setting up (non-habit forming) pharmaceutical options to help with cravings and other issues typical in early recovery with aftercare planning. The clinical staff was exceedingly supportive and offered some of the most informative groups I’ve ever experienced… which is almost unheard of in detox. I was amazed. The entire staff was incredibly accommodating, competent, and empathetic. I highly recommend Pine Tree if you’re looking for a first step in the recovery journey.” 

Princeton Detox and Recovery Center 

At Princeton Detox & Recovery Center we offer a drug and alcohol detoxification program unlike any other throughout the Tri-State area or Southern Florida. Instead of a traditional hospital or “lock-down” facility, we provide clients with a relaxed homestyle retreat, combined with expert medical care and supervision. Our medical team is composed of licensed doctors and nursing staff with years of experience in drug and alcohol detoxification. Clients entering Princeton Detox can expect to be welcomed by a caring staff who fully understand substance use disorder and whose goal is to provide a safe and pain-free detox. Each client’s treatment plan is individualized to meet their needs including optional therapy, group support and case management services. We also offer amenities unlike most other programs such as a private chef, private rooms and well-appointed common areas in which clients can relax or socialize if they are feeling up to doing so.

We believe that family involvement is an important part of every phase of the addiction recovery process, from medical detox through aftercare. In addition to offering family therapy sessions which are facilitated by a licensed therapist, we encourage the loved ones of our clients to be as involved as they would like in developing a long-term treatment plan. Aftercare planning is only one of the services we provide. Other services include:

  • Medication Assisted Treatment options and medication management
  • A high client-to-staff ratio, which means more individualized and focused care
  • Homestyle retreat amenities geared towards client comfort
  • Individualized addiction assessments upon program admission
  • A clinical program that is both licensed and accredited through the state of New Jersey

The men and women who have attended Princeton Detox have spoken about their positive experiences. K.B. said:

“Princeton exceeded my expectations and then some. The nurses, doctors, and staff were super compassionate and treated me like an individual and not a number. I wish I could go back and thank them personally. Food is great, and the facility is basically brand new.” 

Boca Detox Center 

When you find yourself in the grip of drug and alcohol misuse, detoxing seems scary and impossible. At Boca Detox, our skilled team of medical professionals offers around-the-clock care, easing your anxiety and minimizing withdrawal symptoms as you take your first steps toward sobriety. Individualized detox plans may include prescription medications, individual, group and family therapy and holistic treatment methods, all delivered in our luxury detox center in the heart of Boynton Beach, Florida. Southern Florida lends itself to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing, not only because the landscape (sprawling beaches and year-round sunshine) is peaceful and serene, but because the community itself is rich in recovery resources.

Our amenity-rich coastal detox retreat, we have anticipated your every need and created an environment that feels like home. Enjoy the peace and quiet of your beautifully appointed, private bedroom or spend time with other clients in our entertainment lounge or outdoor gathering area. Your stay at our South Florida detox center includes cutting-edge therapeutic programs and access to a state-of-the-art kitchen, chef-prepared meals, luxury bedrooms and bathrooms and access to 24/7 medical support. Our high client-to-staff ratio means that each of our clients can be effectively treated the moment that symptoms arise, and we utilize a range of evidence-based detox techniques in order to make the detox process as short lived and pain-free as possible.

Guardian IOP 

Guardian Intensive Outpatient Program offers a truly unique experience by combining the latest advances in evidence-based clinical and medical care with 12-step and holistic approaches to addiction recovery. At Guardian IOP we provide innovative treatment options for clients who do not require residential care and for those in need of continuing care following completion of inpatient treatment. We have three locations: one in Delray Beach, Florida, one in Hoboken, New Jersey and one in New Brunswick, New Jersey. We hand selected these locations not only because the need for effective addiction treatment is significant in these specific regions, but because both Southern Florida and New Jersey are rich in recovery-related resources. Clients have access to a range of outside 12-step meetings, support groups and sobriety-based activities. As they begin to transition back into fully independent living, we offer them the continued support and guidance they need to maintain solid sobriety for years to come.

We offer demographic-specific tracks that cater to men and women of all different ages and in a number of occupations. We provide our clients with diverse treatment services, including:

  • Case management services
  • Intensive individual, group and family therapy
  • Medication management services
  • An Intensive Outpatient treatment Program
  • A 3-Phase Outpatient Program
  • Family Workshops
  • Plans for long-term continuing care
  • Life skills training
  • Relapse prevention training
  • Vocational training
  • Educational placement and assistance
  • Nutritional counseling and fitness programs

Our Locations 

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Changing lives by providing comprehensive support and rehabilitation, empowering individuals to overcome addiction and regain control of their health and well-being.

Our past clients and employees have had nothing but positive things to say about our comprehensive and highly individualized program. Brain M. says: 

“I had the pleasure of working at Guardian Recovery for almost 2 years. The passion and commitment from ownership and upper level management has a trickle-down effect to the clinicians and the support staff. I personally know countless individuals who came to GRN looking for help, and they were provided with a solid foundation that helped them obtain long-term sobriety. If you or a loved one are looking for a program that can educate you, provide you with coping skills, and help you find change in your life then I strongly recommend giving the folks at Guardian a call.”

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Disclaimer: Does not guarantee specific treatment outcomes, as individual results may vary. Our services are not a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnosis; please consult a qualified healthcare provider for such matters.

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